Why Rabbit Production Is a Growth Industry

Rabbit production was first singled out as a potential solution to the impending food crisis in 1978. Since then, there has been a slow and steady shift in the demand for rabbit meat from first world countries, mainly in Europe, to third world countries, and as is usually the case, supply has followed demand. There are more and more rabbit producers starting up in developing countries, and those countries are also embracing rabbit products, including meat, as a part of their culture.

One of the biggest reasons for this growth in rabbit production among small entrepreneurs the world over is cost.

For the farmer, rabbit farming is an attractive industry, because of the low initial investment, the small space that a commercial rabbitry requires in comparison to other livestock. With a rabbit breeding plan in place, the speed with which rabbits are ready for sale is also attractive. All of this means that rabbit farming is a high return business, where stock is quickly turned into profit.

That cost saving for the farmer has also translated into a cost saving for the consumer, and it is for that reason that in developing countries like Trinidad, Cameroon and Kenya, rabbit is becoming a popular meat choice. It is far cheaper than other types of meat in most cases, and it also offers impressively competitive statistics in terms of nutritional value.

Another reason for the growth in the rabbit farming industry is that rabbits, unlike sheep, cows and other livestock, also do not compete with humans for food. They do not need grain or grazing, and the best commercial foods, that provide optimal nutrition, is made from hay or alfalfa. These are crops that are useless as food for humans.

The final reason for the growth in the demand for rabbit meat is that it is not subject to the social and religious taboos as cattle or pork. Jewish, Islamic, and Hindu believers can eat rabbit, whereas pork and beef are off the menu.

It is not only farmers and consumes who are realizing that rabbit production is a solution to a number of problems. Governments and food organizations around the world have also recognized that rabbits provide an easy, nutritious, and sustainable food source, and they have been working to promote the use of rabbit as a food source. As that promotion continues, it is likely that we will see a continued rise in the number of commercial rabbit production ventures.

It is clear, when you consider that the demand for commercially farmed rabbit meat tops 1 million tons a year, that rabbit farming is a lucrative business opportunity, particularly in the developing world. So if you are looking for an opportunity to get into a growth industry, why not consider rabbit production?

Source by Alan Stables

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