Top 4 Hauntings in Pennsylvania

#1 Abington Presbyterian Church

This church was built in 1779 after removing a graveyard from its site of construction. Since then, the ghost of young kid is spotted around this church. With the graveyard now located a few meters away, locals have claimed seeing a child standing around the doors and windows of the church at night. Some of the members of this church have also testified seeing a young kid appearing during prayer sessions held inside the church. Believe it or not, there's nothing as terrifying as a ghost appearing during prayers. This is surely one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania.

#2 Academia-Juniata County

This place has been known for a long time as one of the most haunted sites in Pennsylvania. The present setting lies at the site of an old girl's school that was destroyed in fire in early 1800s. Just a few meters away from the modern day school lays a mass grave where the victims of the 1800 fire were buried. The mere site of the burial ground makes the entire area quite scary.

There's a famous myth that goes about a school worker who used to kill students and hide their bodies within the school compound. People who have visited this place at night claim that strange things happen! From strange sounds, flickering lights, ghost attacks, you name it. Some people have even claimed seeing a man dressed in black attire and others have gone a step further and testified hearing the sobbing of a young girl. Whether these claims are true or not, Academia (Juniata County) is surely one of the most eerie places in Pennsylvania.

#3 Mudlick Hollow, Brighton Township

The Mudlick Hollow truly deserves to be ranked in our top list of Hauntings in Pennsylvania. This place is truly eerie and scary especially at night. It's believed that in early 1800s, some sort of spell struck a young couple who had just come from their wedding on a horse carriage.

Along the way, a small wild animal emerged from the surrounding thickets scaring the horses. This forced the horses to turn off the road falling into the Mudlick creek. The young couple suffered serious injuries and died immediately. You can imagine how painful it is dying slowly next to your newly wedded bride who is also groaning in pain.

Anyway, nowadays, locals claim that a fog appears on this section of the road. At night you can hear the sound of an approaching horse buggy. As the procession draws nearer, it stops instantly followed by the sound of a crash and screams. After this, everything goes silent and the mist vanishes. Phew! You can't even imagine how it is like visiting this eerie place at night. You'll surely die of fear.

#4 The Subway, Canonsburg

Our last mention in this comprehensive list of the top 4 Hauntings in Pennsylvania is this ghost infested site. According to history, the Subway (Canonsburg) was constructed on the ground that was previously occupied by an old nursing home. People who work here claim hearing ghosts whispering into their ears, doors opening and closing and strange people calling them by name at night! Can you imagine spending a whole night with a ghost that knows your name? In addition to the strange voices, a shadowy image is often captured by security cameras that are installed all over this place. The exact identity of the owner of the shadow is yet to be established though people claim that it belongs to Mr. Fred (the ghost who rules this place by night).

That's it from our list Top 4 Hauntings in Pennsylvania today. We hope you've found it interesting, terrifying and fun to follow. Sorry for scaring the faint hearten and good luck in your endeavors in learning more about ghosts in Pennsylvania.

Source by James Keru K

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