Six Flags White Water – How a Season Ticket Helps

One of the greatest outdoors resorts that is ideal for a family day out is the Six Flags White Water theme park. Located in the northwest of Atlanta, this park has been the entertainment place of choice for many families since 1983. While it has changed ownership once, the one thing that has never changed is the park's entertainment ability as vouched for by the huge number of visitors it receives every summer.

At Six Flags White Water, every member of the family is catered for as there are over fifty attractions to choose from, so everyone has a chance for fun. One of the biggest entertainment spots in the park is The Cliffhanger. Known as one of the world's tallest and fastest water ride spot, The Cliffhanger enables for a thrilling nine-story descent – much like falling from a cliff.

Other attractions at Six Flags White Water include the Run-A-Way River – a fall from a seven-story water tower. While this is ideal for most of the older members of the family, there are attractions that are specially meant for children. These include the three water playgrounds that have been created specifically for children. The three playgrounds are The Tree House Island, Captain Kid's Cove and the Little Squirt's Island. While children below the age of three are not allowed in the park, young children will have the time of their life in a very safe environment. To guarantee the safety of children, some of these water playgrounds have zero depth.

For surfing enthusiasts, Six Flags White Water has a wave pool which holds up to 700,000 gallons of water with waves that rise up to four feet. The Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool offers entertainment for both lovers of surfing as well as those who simply enjoy watching waves.

Even people who enjoy more tranquil activities like floating are catered for at Six Flags White Water. Every Friday night, visitors to the park are treated to another favorite attraction – the Dive In Movies.

The easiest and most convenient way to take advantage of the many attractions available at Six Flags White Water Atlanta is to obtain season tickets which can be purchased online. Season tickets are available at a discount and therefore enable you to make savings which are unavailable elsewhere. Obtaining a season ticket also helps you avoid the hustle of last minute rushes which can ruin an important family outing.

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