WildLife Photography: Pros and Cons

India is amongst the top twelve countries in the world in terms of wildlife and forests depicting 'Mega Diversity'. Remote mountains icy plateaus, moist evergreen foothills, rainforests and dry scrub, deserts, saline flatlands, mangrove swamps, lush mountain forests, grassy meadows, shaded pools of water; tall feathery bamboo all collectively supports …

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Africa Zambia Travel & Tips Information

When you really want to appreciate nature, solid structures are more of a hindrance than a blessing. When you arrive at a Zambian game viewing venue, you will find easy open structures fashioned of porous canvas and indigenous materials with the majesty of nature all around you – the towering …

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The Place Of Goats In The Igbo Culture

I didn't make it to the village this past Christmas but I kept in touch with my people, whip President Obasanjo any which way you like, but thank his administration for giving Nigerians GSM (pronounced g-i-s-i-m) mobile phones. It was through the small wonder that I was able to keep …

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