Now It's Possible To Travel All Over The Europe With Just One Visa

On the night from 20th to 21st of December on the internal borders of the European Union boundary barriers between the Old and New Europe disappeared. Nine countries – Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Malta became the members of the Schengen zone, where the borders exist just on the geographical maps.

The meaning of the Schengen agreement consists in the fact that with a visa of any country that enters this agreement you can travel freely though the other Schengen countries as well. For example: you bought a tourist voucher to France and received a single visa (exactly those that are usually used to endorse tourists' passports). With this visa you can go from Paris to Amsterdam by train without problems – no one will ask your documents. Now due to the Schengen widening it will be also easy to travel almost all over the Europe! From Poland to Czech Republic, from Czech Republic to Hungary, from Hungary to Austria…

Due to the agreement with the EU about the simplification of the visa system the prices on visas now will be quite acceptable – 35 EUR.

The Schengen agreement is named in honor of the village in Luxembourg, where in 1985 France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg entered into the first agreement about the abolition of the inspection of documents on the boundaries. This settlement was chosen because it is situated at the crossing of the borders of Luxembourg, France and Germany. The agreement was signed on the ship in the middle of the river Mosel that flows in the village. In Schengen live 400 people, there are no hotels, but there are about 36 farms, where vine is cultivated, the castle, where once Victor Hugo stayed, and a lot of gas stations.

Source by Iuri Tarabanov

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