Nature and Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka consisting of several different wildlife parks, sanctuaries and a forest reserves is truly a remarkable island with most of them located only a few hours drive from the main city and the international airport. The country has a great geo-graphical contour which has made this island nation filled with pristine beaches, thriving nature parks and breathtaking hills.

The country's natural beauty and wildlife is as divers as its rich history and culture. The country consists of nature parks and forest reserves that many nature and wildlife enthuses would love to explore. From diverse biospheres such as Sinharaja to adventurous nature parks such as Yala and Udawalawa the island has so much to offer.

Sinharaja Forest reserve is a treasure trove of biodiversity with many species of mammals and butterflies along with many types of insects, reptiles and amphibians making it their home. The forest reserve is also a destination of many types of flora where many endemic trees can be found. The fauna in the reserve can not be easily seen as their counter-parts in the dry zone, this is manily due to the thick vegetation, however the forest is considered to be the home of many mammals including a few elephants and several leopards.

Yala is a National Park located in the southern part of Sri Lanka which is home to many animals, including the endangered Asian elephant, Sri Lankan leopard, wild boar, sloth bear, and different types of deer. The park offers excellent opportunities for the guests to trek into the wilderness in an exciting jeep safari offering an excellent adventure.

There are many such escapades that one could trod into, Udawalawe National Park located in the southern part of Sri Lanka is another adventurous destination to explore wildlife. The Kumana Bird Sanctuary is a great place for bird enthusiasts to observe many types of birds.

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