Lake Bogoria National Park in Kenya

Lake Bogoria National Park is an alkaline lake situated in the northern side of Nakuru. It is a shallow salt lake which covers an area of 30 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 9 meters. This lake has no outlet and the salt and mineral level is high due to the high evaporation caused by the hot temperatures. Due to this condition, no fish species can survive in the lake. The blue-green algae plant grows in the lake and is a good source of food for the massive numbers of pink flamingo birds. This lake together with lakes Nakuru, Magadi, Logipi and Elmentaita are all in the Rift Valley and are ideal viewing sites and home to millions of the flamingo birds.

This area was named as the third Ramsar site in Kenya and, it has been a protected National Park since November 29, 1973. The local features in this park include Kesubo Swamp, Siracho Escarpment, geysers and hot springs. The lake gets its waters from the Sandai and Emsos rivers. In addition, there are about 200 other hot springs from Loburu, Chemurkeu, and (Ng'wasis, Koibobei, Losaramat) that also drain their waters into this lake. There are also other hot springs discharging water from the floor of the lake. Visitors are advised to stay away from the hot springs to avoid getting burned.

There are also sulfur waters gushing out of the ground and are known to have therapeutic values. They are used for steam baths and natural spas. This park is also a home to various animals such as gazelle, zebra, impala, buffalo, dik-dik, Patas monkey, kudu and klipspringer. You can also spot predators such the cheetah, leopard, hyena, mongoose, jackal and the Karakal cat. Over three hundred and seventy-four bird species have been recorded of which fifty species are of migratory birds. Game viewing in this park is ideal in the early morning and late afternoon to avoid the hot temperatures.

Lake Bogoria National Park has an altitude which ranges from 1000 – 1670m above sea level. The area receives a minimum rainfall of about 600 – 900mm per year in the escarpment. Bishop Hannington described the area as the most beautiful view in Africa during his first visit. In the past, this area was described as the jewel of the Rift Valley due to its stunning beauty. Visiting the springs is a wonderful adventure where you get to boil an egg just by placing on the hot steam using a pan or an old sock.

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