9 More Countries Have Entered Schengen Zone

On December 21, beginning from 00 CET, 9 more countries have joined Schengen zone. Border control on the land and marine boundaries of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta and Poland is abolished. Moreover, beginning from March 30 of the next year, the air boundaries between these countries will also be opened. The expansion of Schengen boundaries is a natural stage of consolidation of the member-states of European Community.

Schengen embodies one of the main bases of the whole project of joining Europe – free movement for people. The inclusion of many countries which entered European Community in the course of mega-expansion in the year 2004 in the Schengen zone, should be interpreted, not only in the European Community, but also the world over, as a very important event, which, from the point of view of European integration is a giant step forward in the realization of those primary tasks, which were put by Common Market in the years 50's-60's.

The experts are sure that the expansion of Schengen zone will redound favorably upon tourism. There are already increases in the tourist traffic in the major airports of the new members of the Schengen area. The Baltic countries experience a wave of touristic interest. The reason for this is mainly the presence of the residents of the European Countries that are not citizens of the country they reside, but are in possession of a permanent residence right that is according to the European norms – gives the possibility to travel freely inside of the Schengen area.

Source by Iuri Tarabanov

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